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LOGO = $500

LOGO = $500

My friends! I would like to share the good news, we finally got approved of the trademark of Warm Body Cold Mind and WBCM! Considering the amazing amount of positive feedback and suggestions over the years, our team would like to bring you closer and give you a chance to become a part of our culture.
We’re announcing a design and branding contest for WBCM! The prize is $500 and your name announced as the official designer of the brand. The contest will be split into 2 stages:
Stage 1 - July 23-31
Please send your submissions to or post on instagram and tag us with the hashtag #WBCM_logo
Stage 2 - August 5
We will announce the winners.
P.s. Important information - please use the theme of cold and heat, yin / yang, or offer your own take on the idea and ideology of WBCM.

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