January Digest: Winter Vacation Records

We all know that not everyone takes a break on New Year's holidays. A person can be very productive and get prizes at competitions, or set personal records while they're working hard over the some years in order achieve these accomplishments! The January edition of our monthly digest had some fascinating stories about the results of Wodapalooza and some personal records in a strength world, so read it today!

CrossFit News: Wodapalooza Results and Equipment List at CrossFit Open

The CrossFit® competition known as Wadapalooza 2022 was held in Miami, Florida. For the third time now a Canadian man Pat Vellner has taken home first place with 692 points and he's no stranger to victory either! The Irish athlete Emma McQuaid became the best among women (677 points). The largest prize in the history of this competition was $100,000.

Awards were given for first place and it looks like a really great opportunity!

Among the elite teams, with a prize pool of $25K each; The Boys (770 points) and Team Kriger(782points) were awarded as winners.


We're just weeks away from the first CrossFit Open of 2022, and there's important official information for those who are preparing! The list of equipment that will be required to train includes: 


Ages 14-15, 55+ - 35-pound dumbbell/20-pound dumbbell

Ages 16-17, 35-54 - 50-pound dumbbell/35-pound dumbbell

Barbells: 45-pound barbell/35-pound barbell

Bumper Plates: standard bumper plates and collars

Rings: one set of gymnastic rings

Plyo Box: 24-inch and 20-inch box (at least a 15×15-inch top surface)

wall space

jump rope

Pull Up Bar

You can find anything you need to train effectively at our shop. From barbell collars and straps, chalk or even clothes - all the basics are covered!

The future of the wods is still up in the air, but it looks like there will be some changes. Two new elements were promised by former competition manager Dave Castro and those could very well end up being included in this season's format!

Personal records in powerlifting and weightlifting

At the end of the month, American powerlifter, strongman and bodybuilder Larry Wheels posted a video of his personal deadlift record on Instagram. He lifted the 337.9 kg barbell 11 times in 29 seconds!

Last November, Larry set a personal record in the deadlift by lifting 347kg (765 pounds). That's impressive?

The Olympic weightlifting champion, Toma Loredana set a personal best in her gym with an overhead press of 120kg (264 lbs). Although this is not competitive exercise but training nonetheless; it's two times more than what she weighs now!  Toma now weighs 64 kg (141 lbs).

Back in 2019, in an interview with our website, Toma was confident that she can lift more than in competition. Well, I was going to work on my technique especially in the snatch: “For world-class results you need a perfect and maybe even better movement so that's why everyone needs too constantly workout all their elements until they're automatized."

What a brave and inspirational girl! The words of this athlete don't disagree with the deed. You can see it by watching her video on Instagram

The courage to all and ambitions in personal achievements!

Let this be your motto!

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