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How to choose best straps for weightlifting

How to choose best straps for weightlifting

Weightlifting straps are the only solution when your body is eager to get more but your hands can’t get over the weight. When properly applied they will also come in handy for athletes that have small hands, sweaty palms or carpal tunnel syndrome.           

Straps for lifting will help to hold the barbell and mitigate joint stress giving you the possibility to workout with bigger weights providing a good loading for major muscle groups.            

So which criteria should be considered when choosing weightlifting straps?   


It must be:

- strong – to withstand big weights;

- highly durable – not to wear out after a dozen of workouts;

- soft – not to traumatize a palm.   

Straps are usually made of nylon, cotton or leather. Leather straps are the most durable but they are hard to maintain and rather expensive. Nylon straps are the cheapest, they don’t stretch but they are very rough, bad at sweat absorption, can slip off and rub your palm.

My choice is cotton straps. They are soft, tactically pleasant, absorbing sweat and easy to wash. Such straps, made with the proper production technology, do not break and keep their shape.


Olympic lifting straps have two size measurements: width and length. It is utterly important for the strap not to be too narrow, otherwise it will rub and burn into your palm. In this case you will lose your focus during the exercise and that may lead to trauma.         

My sporting and coaching experience shows that the 4cm width strap is versatile. It is suitable both for athletes with wide and narrow hands.        

The length depends on the type of exercises you plan to use weightlifting straps for. Straps should not be excessively long when using them for exercising with barbell, dumbbells and kettlebells so the loose ends won’t distract you. On the other hand, too short straps may be uncomfortable for the high bar.      

Instead of buying straps for sports equipment and high bar separately, I advise you to buy the versatile 65cm long straps.


Among all possible forms and solutions I outlined two variations for myself: single loop and lasso. You don’t have to ask for somebody's assistance as they can be easily reeled in with one hand. They provide a fair grip and solidly keep your hand on the equipment. The most important thing about them is that you can end the exercise and release the piece of equipment you work with just by unclenching your palm. Sometimes split seconds may save you from bone fracture or ligament tear.

I saw hundreds of oly lifting straps that were frayed or ripped throughout my sporting life. I know everything about their weak spots and I took all this experience into account when I was creating my own straps for weightlifting. I offer you the following options:

Single loop/ V1 Straps

The upgraded version of weightlifting straps and straps that have double stitching, the unique invention of our team. Straps are looped and sewed lengthwise, and the connection place of the loop that is considered to be the weakest is double stitched for ultimate durability. Thanks to our technology one loop is capable of holding up to 370kg weight load and it goes up to 700kg for both of them. Stitching at their edges won’t let them stretch.

It is very convenient to do classic weightlifting exercises: snatch, clean & jerk and pull with this straps variation.

Straps V1

The strap that is looped in one end. The connection place is double stitched for its solidness. We also trim leather insets on the outer side with a logo and a mark that designates which strap is for which hand. Leather insets prevent straps from stretching. 

Lasso helps to adjust the loop precisely for the user’s palm size. It perfectly fits to use it for pulls and many other exercises with weights or on the high bar.

Straps Lasso


Lasso with padding

Lasso PRO – the enhanced variation aforementioned of lasso straps for weightlifting. The soft 5mm neoprene pad is placed directly on the spot where the loop contacts your hand. It perfectly cushions heavy weights during the lifts and gently latches your skin. It fits especially for athletes whose skin is thin and easily irritated and those who like unmatched comfort during the workouts.

Straps Lasso Pro

All types of wrist straps are made of extra firm cotton according to the technological process that pushes their longevity and durability even further. But only your own experience can show which straps will suit you the best. Try, test and listen to yourself.

Just remember that buying lifting straps doesn’t mean buying a remedy that grants you the power to lift big weights. Their purpose is to aid you beyond the line where your hands fail to handle the weight.

Stay safe and focused on the goal.

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