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Oleksiy Torokhtiy is here.

Most likely you have heard about the situation in Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine and started the war. Fire engulfed the territory of Ukraine from the north, east and south. Kyiv and other cities were meanly bombed at 4 a.m in the morning, 24th of February, 2022. Russia started the war in Europe, as it was made by Nazi Germany in last century.

Torokhtiy Weightlifting – international company, 95% of employees are Ukrainians. They are living in Ukraine, and now they are still in Ukraine. I’m Ukrainian, during my professional career I represented Ukraine and won titles under the Ukrainian flag.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine do their best to defend our country!

During this tough period of Ukraine’s history, you can help Ukraine against Russian aggression:

1. Direct help to Ukraine Forces. Here are the links on reliable funds:


2. Join the anti-war movement in your country:

3. You can support us as the company while purchasing our products.

4. Support the initiative of president – UNITED 24 and choose the direction of donation:


5. Or you can look through the list of Ukrainian businesses and charities and choose as you want:


We are keeping COLD MIND.

We will win and defend OUR country!!!

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