December Digest - Loud Goodbyes and Exciting Returns!

As the year closes, let's look forward to the new one with anticipation and excitement! Qatar is hoping for a historic Olympic medal in weightlifting - could 2023 be their year? Plus, the star Tia Claire has retired from competition at this year's CrossFit Games; will we crown another female champion next time around?!

World Weightlifting Championship 2022 Results


From December 5 to December 16, 2022, Bogota (Colombia) hosted the 87th World Weightlifting Championship for men and the 30th for women.

Recall that this is a qualifying tournament for the XXXIII Olympic Games in Paris 2024. Athletes from the Russian Federation, Belarus and North Korea are not allowed to attend. Athletes from Pakistan and Malaysia also withdrew from the competition. In total, 695 athletes from 37 countries participated in the competition.

Competition results (team standings):


















Want to read all about this year's competition, check out this article for an in-depth look at all you need!

The Return of the Latvian Star

Latvian athlete Rebecca Koha triumphantly returned to weightlifting after a three-year break. True, now she stands for Qatar and bears the name of her husband Ibrahim. At the West Asian Weightlifting Championship and Qatar Weightlifting Cup, Rebecca Ibrahim won first place in the 59 kg weight category with 80-95-175 kg.

Rebecca Koha

Although this is 52 kg less than her best total of 227 kg, she is proud of the result. Rebecca made the decision to return to the sport only four months ago, three months after the birth of her daughter.

If she gets back in shape, she has every chance of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In 2016, she stopped short of a medal while competing for her native Latvia. Rebecca plans to get her license in May at the Asian Championships in Jinju, South Korea.

Breaking News: Tia-Clair Toomey Quits CrossFit! 

The decision came as a surprise to herself, but you can’t argue with nature - Tia Toomey and Shane Orr are expecting a baby! The news was a Christmas surprise not only for the fans of the athlete, but also for her family.

Tia-Clair Toomey

As the couple gears up for their first child, CrossFit fans are weighing the possibilities of current female athletes. Mal O'Brien, Laura Horvath, Danielle Brandon - who else deserves to take the podium this year? For six years in a row, Tia has occupied it, which no CrossFitter has ever managed to do before. Without the pressure of this psychological factor, every athlete from the top ten has a chance to win.

CrossFit, Prayer and Some Marketing

Our body is a temple that we need to take care of. Lutheran priest Oscar Arngarden wants to convey this biblical truth to people. CrossFit fans know the chaplain of the Uppsala hospital (Sweden) as @crossfitpriest. On his Instagram page, he shares fitness recommendations, posts videos of his workouts, and talks about the spiritual.


Our pastor isn't just preaching with words; he's preaching motivation! With his powerful and heavy wods and questioning, he seeks to lead people towards a life that is healthy for the body AND soul.

He believes there's no better way to reach out than the power of social networks. 

With the modern world's focus on social networks, why not take this opportunity to spread some spiritual sunshine?

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